John Fraser

Royal Navy

Royal Navy, Merchant Marine Reserve.
He is remembered with honour on the Old Parish Church Roll of Honour, the Plymouth Naval Memorial and Helensburgh War Memorial, Column 3 Line 49.

The family home was at 4, Sinclair Street, Helensburgh.
The son of Alexander and Elsie Fraser, Leathers, Morayshire.

John Fraser was born in Morayshire. He was employed with the Allan Line of Steamers as a steward before being called up.

John was married to Flora McAllister Fraser and had one son, Ainsworth, who was born in England before the family moved to Helensburgh.

On 19th March 1918, the 'Monagua', an armed merchant cruiser, en route from Dakar to a 'Special Rendezvous' was in collision with U.S. destroyer 'Manley'. A heavy explosion followed wrecking the wireless cabin and aerial. John was one of 17 men killed.